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Capitalism Confronting Democracy and the Challenge for the Media

Join Global Financial Integrity for an event presented by our DC Forum program on the challenges the media faces when addressing capitalism and democracy.

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Vessel Ownership Risks

Join us for this one hour event focused on the findings of the forthcoming Vessel Ownership whitepaper from the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice and Global Financial Integrity.

Choose between in-person or Zoom participation.

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Webinar: What Steps Can Governments Take to Prevent Crypto-Related Financial Crimes?

Global Financial Integrity and the Vance Center are pleased to host a panel with experts from the region to discuss how governments can implement effective measures to prevent money laundering in the crypto ecosystem. The panel will...

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Webinar: ¿Qué medidas pueden adoptar los gobiernos para prevenir crímenes financieros utilizando criptoactivos?

Global Financial Integrity y Vance Center presentan un interesante panel de expertos con el objetivo fomentar el debate sobre la acción de los gobiernos con respecto a los potenciales riesgos financieros de las criptomonedas y descubrir los...

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DC Forum Conference

Financial secrecy has eroded democracy and capitalism on many fronts. Despite the surge of anti-kleptocracy measures being taken in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, much remains to be addressed regarding the role of financial secrecy...

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Made in China: China’s Role in Transnational Crime & Illicit Financial Flows

Join us on October 27 for a discussion on China’s role in transnational crime and IFFs, the dynamics of these crimes/flows and the Chinese government’s response, as well as what the international community can do to better understand, and combat, these activities.

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Addressing Transparency Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Closer Look at Corporate and Tax Transparency

Robust transparency mechanisms are key to preventing illicit financial flows. In particular, identifying the real or “beneficial” owners of corporate structures can help to effectively prevent financial crimes, including tax fraud, in the Latin American and Caribbean...

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América Latina y el Caribe frente al desafío de la transparencia de los beneficiarios finales y el fraude tributario

Global Financial Integrity y Fundación SES presentarán una conferencia de dos paneles en beneficiarios finales y fraude tributario, mostrando casos internacionales, lecciones aprendidas y potenciales medidas a implementar; al igual que un panorama regional en dichas materias.

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