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Corruption in the Global Arms Trade: An Overview

Corruption is never a victimless crime. This is especially true for those who bear the brunt of arms trade corruption.

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Illicit Financial Flows and Illegal Gold Mining – New Developments in Colombia

Illegal gold mining has emerged as a profitable revenue source for organized crime groups and has become a major concern for authorities due to its social and environmental impacts. This article explores new developments in illegal mining...

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Actividad ilícita en el sector maderero de Chile

A pesar de los esfuerzos del gobierno, la tala ilegal ha sido un problema importante en Chile durante varias décadas, causando una variedad de problemas ambientales, sociales y económicos. Según el Banco Mundial, la tala ilegal en...

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Illicit Activity in Chile’s Timber Sector

Despite the government’s efforts, illegal logging has been a significant problem in Chile for several decades, causing a range of environmental, social, and economic issues. According to the World Bank, illegal logging in Chile’s native forests destroyed...

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An Analysis of Colombia’s National Development Plan

Strengthening Efforts to Combat Environmental Crime and Illicit Financial Flows  Colombia’s National Development Plan (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo, PND) is a key policy document, establishing a national strategy for the next four years of the presidential administration....

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Análisis del Plan Nacional de Desarrollo de Colombia

Una perspectiva a la luz de la lucha contra los flujos financieros ilícitos y los delitos medioambientales El Plan Nacional de Desarrollo (PND) es uno de los proyectos de ley más importantes en Colombia, dado que plasma...

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The China Client: Wildlife Trafficking in Mexico

Today, Mexico is among the three Latin American countries with the highest rates of wildlife trafficking. This problem is complex, especially considering one of their increasingly prolific partners is China.

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Financial Opacity Fueling Conflict

As the best empirical data unfortunately indicate, violent conflicts are on the rise. After a precipitous drop in civil wars following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the number of active intrastate conflicts has  ballooned over the...

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