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Raymond Baker: A Harvard MBA Takes on Offshore

Charles Davidson, a member of the DC Forum’s Executive Committee, interviews offshore expert Raymond Baker, Founding President of Global Financial Integrity, on Baker’s history of investigating offshore tax abuses and his call to de-create the offshore system.

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A Recent College Graduate Discovers Offshore

Bryce Tuttle discusses his discovery of the offshore financial system and how it facilitates transnational crime and corruption.

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The United States of Anonymity

If you’re looking for offshoring services, there really is no better place than the U.S. Welcome, one and all, to the United States of Anonymity.

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On Corruption in America with Sarah Chayes

Author Sarah Chayes, interviewed by Ben Judah, discusses topics in her new book, “On Corruption in America and What is at Stake,” covering how her global corruption work turned toward her own country in the Trump era.

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Ukraine: Between Offshore and Russia – Tough Neighborhood

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s kleptocratic regime, backed by the KGB and other secret agencies, has cultivated an untouchable caste of rich and powerful oligarchs in Ukraine.

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Georgia: Behind the Offshore Veil

Offshore companies are one of the most important, if not the only, way for businesses to acquire investment capital in Georgia.

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Whistleblowing: Vital to Combatting Offshore

Whistleblowers are vital to revealing and combatting illegal offshoring activity, and to identifying the networks of “respectable” white collar enablers who make these crimes possible.

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A Conversation with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Author and journalist Ben Judah interviews Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about ways that secrecy jurisdictions and offshore tax evasion are destabilizing global economies and ways that the U.S. Government can help de-create the offshore system.

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