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Colombia ¿cómo avanza la implementación de un enfoque de beneficiarios finales?

Dos diferentes proyectos de ley que están siendo debatidos en el Congreso de la República de Colombia, aumentarían las posibilidades del país de crear un registro único de beneficiarios finales. En octubre de 2020 la Vicepresidencia de...

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Colombia Steps Closer to Beneficial Ownership Transparency

Two separate bills that are under debate in the Colombian Congress address beneficial ownership, increasingly the likelihood that the country’s policymakers will approve the creation of a beneficial ownership registry. In October 2020, the Vice Presidency of...

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Profit Shifting Case in Indonesia Highlights Need for Improved Tax Collection

By Forum Pajak Berkeadilan*, Woods & Wayside International, and Global Financial Integrity Indonesia, like many other countries, is suffering from a prolonged health crisis and economic fall-out caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With a 2% decline in...

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The Direction of Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing

by Sue Ryu Illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing covers illicit activities ranging from, but not limited to, non-approved foreign countries fishing in the waters of other nations, actors misrepresenting their fishing activity or catch, to actors...

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The Road Ahead: Sudan and Anti-Corruption

By Marija Sunjka Sudan became notorious for its corruption under President Omar al-Bashir. The Bashir regime lasted for three decades, before it was overturned by the Sudanese Army following protests in 2019. After Bashir’s removal, he was...

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Corruption, the Perception of Corruption, and Violence: Exploring the Linkages in Mexico

By Andrew Peters Corruption perception, not incidence, is the biggest predictor of violence. Security and corruption are the main concerns of the Mexican public. So what factors lead to violence and corruption? How are violence and corruption...

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Illegal Logging in Serbia

By Marija Sunjka One of the most significant problems the Southeastern European country of Serbia has been facing is that of illegal logging.  Across the country, an average of 17,000 hectares (ha) or forests have been disappearing...

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Beneficiarios finales: avances en materia de legislación colombiana

Para promover la transparencia frente a los beneficiarios finales (BF), es necesario que los países cuenten con leyes sólidas para luchar contra los delitos financieros internacionales. En octubre de este año, el Congreso colombiano presentó un proyecto...

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