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CFT is Meant to Counter Terrorists, Not Democratic Opposition

As Global Financial Integrity’s new report, “Financial Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean,” makes clear, the Western Hemisphere faces a number of security challenges and financial crime threats. The same problems that make the region one...

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Mexico: Harnessing Fintech to Fight Corruption and Promote Inclusive Economic Development

Madeline Paul Though Mexico has emerged as a global contender in technology, industry, and trade, it nonetheless faces a number of economic challenges including corruption, economic informality, and low levels of financial inclusion.  In the past few...

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Prescription for Chaos: Corruption and Mismanagement of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Peru

Photo by Carlos Ruiz Huaman via Unsplash By Camila Fernandez Tovar Latin America has been one of the most affected regions by the pandemic and the systemic corruption from governments has played a key role deepening its...

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Flags of Convenience and the Hazards of Shipbreaking

By Matthew Baur Massive cargo ships are all too familiar to those living in big port cities. These giant vessels deliver goods needed for much of our society to function, from medical supplies and medicines, to food...

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Understanding the Crime-Terror Nexus of Ideologically-Driven Terrorist Organizations

By Brett Bolog Terrorist organizations, driven by political-ideological motivations, require economic resources to finance their operations and expand their influence. These groups often resort to criminal activities, which undermine political stability and push legitimate companies out of...

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Transparency is Key to Environmental Protection: Why Peru Should Ratify the Escazu Agreement

By Rodrigo Taipe “Peru is a beggar sitting on a gold bench,” it is sometimes said. The country possesses a wide variety of natural resources, which, with sustainable and transparent use, could help the country escape poverty...

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Seeking Solutions to Trade Misinvoicing in Mexico and Colombia

by Pedro Izquierdo Addressing trade misinvoicing is a complex endeavor as it is considered one of the weakest links in the fight against money laundering, especially in developing countries like Mexico and Colombia. Trade misinvoicing is one...

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Colombia ¿cómo avanza la implementación de un enfoque de beneficiarios finales?

Dos diferentes proyectos de ley que están siendo debatidos en el Congreso de la República de Colombia, aumentarían las posibilidades del país de crear un registro único de beneficiarios finales. En octubre de 2020 la Vicepresidencia de...

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