Global Financial Integrity


Whistleblower Procedures

If someone reasonably believes that some policy, practice, or activity of GFI is in violation of law, a written complaint must be filed by that person through the procedures outlined below.

If someone wishes to make a whistleblower complaint, either anonymously or using their name, they can email their complaint to  If they wish to remain anonymous then they can create an anonymous email address and send the whistleblower complaint to the provided email address above.  Complaints received at this email address will be investigated, and all correspondence regarding this issue will be sent back to the complainant at the email address they provide, or through the means of contact that the complainant specifies in their complaint.  All complaints sent to the whistleblower email address will be received by the President & CEO, the Finance Director, and an independent member of the board of directors, who will then begin investigating the issue.  

An employee is protected from retaliation only if the employee brings the alleged unlawful activity, policy, or practice to the attention of GFI and provides GFI with a reasonable opportunity to investigate and correct the alleged unlawful activity. The protection described below is only available to employees that comply with this requirement. A written response shall be given to the employee within 60 days of the complaint being filed with GFI.

GFI will not retaliate against an employee who in good faith has made a protest or raised a complaint against some practice of GFI or of another individual or entity with whom GFI has a business relationship on the basis of a reasonable belief that the practice is in violation of law.

GFI will not retaliate against employees who disclose or threaten to disclose to a supervisor or a public body any activity, policy, or practice of GFI that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a law, a rule, or regulation mandated pursuant to law.