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Gold and Precious Metals Illicit Activity and Best Practice in Managing Risk

Join GFI and the International Compliance Association as they convene experts to analyze why the gold sector is vulnerable to illicit financial flows and what can be done to better detect, understand and effectively manage risks.

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Report Launch: Financial Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean

Join GFI for the launch of our upcoming report Financial Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean: Understanding Country Challenges and Designing Effective Technical Responses. The report authors will present findings and recommendations on the vulnerabilities and...

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The Global is Local – Linking the Fight Against Corruption with Fair Housing in the U.S.

Join Global Financial Integrity as we convene a panel of experts to discuss the impact of real estate money laundering on the U.S. housing market.

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Seminario internacional “Beneficiarios finales: una mirada transregional y transversal”

En Colombia se están consolidando espacios de debate en aras de construir una política de beneficiarios finales, pero aún falta mucho camino por recorrer para que esta asegure la verdadera identificación de los ‘dueños reales’ de las...

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GFI y Consejo de Redacción ofrecerán entrenamiento virtual a periodistas de investigación colombianos alrededor de flujos financieros ilícitos

Global Financial Integrity (GFI), en asocio con la asociación de periodistas de investigación colombianos, Consejo de Redacción (CdR), estarán ofreciendo una capacitación virtual alrededor de flujos financieros ilícitos, entre otros temas, para los asociados a la organización del 24 al 26 de mayo de 2021.

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A Clean Cut: Addressing Informality and Illegality in the Colombian Timber Sector

Global Financial Integrity and the Environmental Investigation Agency will host a discussion on the drivers of deforestation in Colombia and what can be done to strengthen environmental protection.

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The Gold Standard: Addressing Illicit Financial Flows in the Colombian Gold Sector through Greater Transparency

Global Financial Integrity is pleased to host a presentation for the launch of our new report, The Gold Standard.

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Paradox of Plenty: Natural Resource Crime in Africa

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Global Financial Integrity is pleased to present this panel discussion on natural resource crimes in Africa, the first in a series focusing on the topic

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