Global Financial Integrity

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GFI Events

GFI & EIU present: Illicit Financial Flows & Colombia

Join us for a panel discussion on the forthcoming report from GFI & EIU: ‘Illicit Financial Flows & Colombia.’

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Trade-Based Money Laundering Conference – TraCCC at GMU

TraCCC will host a full day conference exploring the serious problem of trade-based money laundering.

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Organized Crime, Arms Trafficking, and Illicit Financial Flows: Exploring SDG Target 16.4

Assessing the progress of SDG 16.4

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Chatham House Illicit Financial Flows 2019 Conference

Accurately mapping the problem and designing an effective response

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Filling the SDG’s Funding Gap

Global Financial Integrity seeks to address the key question determining the ability of the global community to achieve Sustainable Development Goals—filling the funding gap.

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ACAMS US Capital Chapter March Learning Event

“As it happens, more corporations – anonymous and public – are established in the United States each year than in any other jurisdiction… While company formation is big business the dark side of anonymous entities is readily apparent.”

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Chatham House Illicit Financial Flows 2018 Conference

The Chatham House Illicit Financial Flows conference will deliver expert insights from senior policy-makers and key stakeholders on the illicit finance landscape to determine effective approaches for both public and private actors.

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Illicit Financial Flows: Taking Stock and Setting New Benchmarks

“Considering the raised awareness and global commitment around the issue, it is time to take stock of what has been done and investigate the extent to which we are on the right path. In this event, we explore the implications of the rise of IFF on the development agenda, what actions have been taken, and the most urgent next steps.”

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