Global Financial Integrity

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GFI Events

Justice in Development: Confronting Illicit Financial Flows and Climate Change

A Nov. 7th-9th ASAP, GFI & Yale Conference

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), the Yale Global Justice Program, and Global Financial Integrity (GFI) are proud to host this event bringing together academics, policy makers, activists, and artists to discuss two critical issues: illicit financial flows and climate change.

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Illicit Financial Flows in Brazil: A Hidden Resource for Improving Prosperity and Economic Stability

A GFI & MINDS Conference in Rio

Based on GFI’s forthcoming study on Brazil’s illicit financial flows, this joint one-day conference in Rio de Janeiro included discussions and keynote remarks from local and international experts on the nature of Brazil’s illicit flows, and how and why curtailing these flows should be a priority for Brazil’s next government.

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Senate Briefing – U.S. and Europe’s Economic, Financial and Security Risks: Crisis on the European Continent

Briefing to Feature U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions

Speakers will address the manifestation, mechanisms and consequences of weak rule of law states, political corruption, money laundering and illicit financial outflows with a reference to real cases. The speakers will also highlight solutions and principled recommendations to address U.S. and Europe’s economic, financial and security risks.

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Global Shell Games: Experiments in Transnational Relations, Crime, and Terrorism

A Book Discussion

Michael Findley and Daniel Nielson discuss their new book, Global Shell Games: Experiments in Transnational Relations, Crime, and Terrorism. A staggering number of unidentified shell corporations succeed in hiding perpetrators of terrorist financing, corruption, and illegal arms trades.

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