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Privately Held, Non-Resident Deposits in Secrecy Jurisdictions

This report from Global Financial Integrity (GFI) on private, non-resident deposits in secrecy jurisdictions finds that the United States, United Kingdom, and the Cayman Islands are the most popular destinations for financial deposits by non-residents. Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong also make the top 10 list of destinations.

Privately Held, Non-Resident Deposits in Secrecy Jurisdictions analyzes data from the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund to measure total deposits by non-residents in areas considered secrecy jurisdictions under the definition established by the Tax Justice Network.

Global Financial Integrity updates the data from this report on an annual basis, at times making substantial methodological revisions.

GFI recommends citing from the most recently released research. Look at the Reports page to find the most recent annual report.