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Apple Tax Dodging Tricks Emblematic of Problem Costing US $100bn, Poor Nations $1tr Annually

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GFI Spokespeople Available for Comment on Apple, Tax Avoidance, Transfer Mispricing, Tax Haven Abuse

WASHIGNTON, DC – A front-page article in Sunday’s edition of The New York Times drew attention to shady accounting techniques utilized by Apple Inc, the technology giant, to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes each year.  However, Global Financial Integrity (GFI) notes that Apple’s tax dodging is only one example of a larger problem: most multinational enterprises abuse tax haven secrecy.  Tax haven abuses are estimated to cost the Internal Revenue Service US$100 billion per year and developing economies roughly US$1 trillion annually.

Global Financial Integrity spokespeople are available to comment on:

  • the techniques utilized by multinational companies to shift profits into low-tax and no-tax jurisdictions;
  • how tax havens and the secrecy they provide cost the U.S. government $100 billion in lost tax revenue each year;
  • how tax havens, their secrecy, tax evasion, and similar shady accounting tricks contributed to the European debt crisis;
  • how tax haven secrecy drains US$1 trillion from poor countries each year;
  • how tax dodging exacerbates income inequality, undermines the rule-of-law, and forces other people to foot the bill.

To request an interview with GFI Director Raymond Baker, GFI Managing Director Tom Cardamone, or GFI Legal Counsel & Director of Government Affairs Heather Lowe, or GFI Lead Economist Dev Kar, contact Clark Gascoigne at or +1 202 293 0740 ext.222.


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Clark Gascoigne
+1 202 293 0740 ext.222


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