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Raymond Baker Addresses Illicit Financial Flows at ASAP-Canada’s Launch

Raymond Baker

Raymond Baker, the President of Global Financial Integrity, addresses the issue of illicit financial flows while speaking at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada at “Beyond 2015: Towards a New Consensus on Global Poverty,” a conference marking the launch of the Canadian chapter of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP).

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Frank Vogl: Waging War on Corruption

Frank Vogl
Global Financial Integrity

Frank Vogl, Co-Founder of Transparency International and Author of the New Book, Waging War On Corruption, Spoke about What Inspired Him to Write His New Book

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC
Book Launch: Waging War on Corruption

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Tax Havens: The Hidden Hand in the Financial Crisis

Monique Perry Danziger

Lagan Sebert of the American News Project examines how tax havens helped enable the current economic mess and how several of the big companies that have received billions of bailout dollars were also the most active in the shady world of offshore finance.

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