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Frank Vogl: Waging War on Corruption

Frank Vogl

Frank Vogl, Co-Founder of Transparency International and Author of the New Book, Waging War On Corruption, Spoke about What Inspired Him to Write His New Book

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC
Book Launch: Waging War on Corruption

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Players: The Role of Facilitators and Super-Fixers

Heather Lowe

Money does not move on its own.  It has to be moved by a person.  And if the money is illicit, efforts have to be made to disguise the source, movement and destination of the funds.  Attorneys, bankers, hawaladars, governments that permit the creation of anonymous shell companies and bearer share companies, couriers, title and real estate companies, escrow agents, and others must be involved.

All of these people can be classified as facilitators for their different roles, but this panel must not end without everybody in this room understanding that every facilitator who has some level of knowledge that the money they are handling may come from some sort of crime is a criminal in their own right.  These facilitators are money launderers.

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Testimony by GFI’s Tom Cardamone before U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Global Implications of Poaching

Tom Cardamone

Anonymous U.S. Shell Companies Facilitating Wildlife Crime, Arms Trafficking, Drug Smuggling, and Terrorist Financing – Explains GFI’s Tom Cardamone in Written Testimony Submitted to Committee

GFI Managing Director Tom Cardamone testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on May 24, 2014 at a hearing titled “Ivory and Insecurity: The Global Implications of Poaching in Africa.”

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Follow the Money: Krishen Mehta on Capital Flight

Krishen Mehta

How does capital flight work and how big a problem is it? Krishen Mehta of Global Financial Integrity (GFI) explains that in total, developing countries lose close to $1 trillion every year, of which 65 percent is related to commercial tax evasion.

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UN Panel Discussion: “Innovative Development Financing Initiatives Under Development”

Raymond Baker

Global Financial Integrity Director Raymond Baker spoke Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the topic of “Innovative Development Financing Initiatives Under Development” as part of an informal event on innovative sources of development finance.

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Understanding and Combating Corruption in Africa

Raymond Baker

GFI Director Raymond Baker discusses corruption and illicit financial flows from Africa with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu of the Center for Global Development and Rafael Marques de Morais.  Princeton N. Lyman of the Council on Foreign Relations presides over this roundtable discussion.

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The Link between Iran and Venezuela: A Crisis in the Making?

Robert M. Morgenthau

Remarks by Mr. Robert M. Morgenthau

New York County District Attorney
Event Hosted by Global Financial Integrity
Brookings Institution
Washington, DC

I would like to thank the Brookings Institute for inviting me to speak today.  The issues I will discuss with all of you are the blossoming relationship between what might seem unlikely bedfellows…. the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whether we have a national security crisis looming on the horizon, and whether our national security and law enforcement communities are sufficiently focused on this threat.

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The Ugliest Chapter in Global Economic Affairs Since Slavery

Raymond Baker

I want to talk about two things this morning. One, the international structure that supports the flow of illicit money across borders, and two the harmful impact these illicit flows have on economic growth and poverty alleviation in poorer countries.

To begin, let’s get a simple picture of global poverty and inequality fixed in our minds.

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