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White & Case Highlights Increased U.S. Scrutiny of Trade Misinvoicing

Law Firm Focuses Attention on Practice Illicitly Draining Over US$700 Billion per Year from Developing and Emerging Economies

While much of GFI’s focus is on improving the capacities of customs departments, it is unfortunately rare for us to find American law firms writing articles on customs issues applicable to our work. Attorneys at the global law firm of White & Case have recently published one worth reading, however.

The authors are noting the increase of U.S. enforcement in the customs area, and most of the cases cited involve trade misinvoicing/fraud, a practice which accounts for about 80 percent of GFI’s illicit financial flows estimates—illegally draining US$730 billion from developing and emerging economies in 2012.

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GFI Engages, Second Quarter 2015

A Quarterly Newsletter on the Work of Global Financial Integrity from April to June 2015

Global Financial Integrity is pleased to present GFI Engages, a quarterly newsletter created to highlight events at GFI and in the world of illicit financial flows. We look forward to keeping you updated on our research, advocacy, high level engagement, and media presence. The following items represent just a fraction of what GFI has been up to since March, so make sure to check our website for frequent updates.

Joint Conference in Johannesburg: Financial Transparency and Human Rights in Africa

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Global Financial Integrity (GFI), and the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) partnered to host a three-day conference in Johannesburg, South Africa fromMay 18-20. The conference featured special expert-level discussion on the connection between human rights and illicit financial flows in Africa and the legal, advocacy, and academic channels for leveraging these connections to effect change.

Panelists and keynote speakers were drawn from around Sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe, covering a broad range of topics within the financial transparency-human rights overlap, including natural resources, violent conflicts, long-term development consequences, and the ongoing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) process.

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